Eductional Exchanges - Klein Seminarie Roeselare
Eductional Exchanges - Klein Seminarie Roeselare

september 2019

Zonnebeke & Ypres

After we finished our law we left for Zonnebeke, there we visited Tyne Cot Cemetery, the largest English war cemetery. Over 12 thousand soldiers of the British Commonwealth are buried there. Most of them died during the third battle of Ypres, also known as the battle of Passendale. There were two main parts, the visitor center (a small museum) and the cemetery itself. It was very touching and overwhelming to see all of these graves and realise underneath all those graves thousands of soldiers lie.

Hereafter we went to the Passendale memorial museum, we learned a lot about the first world war. We walked through trenches and we saw a huge variety of original uniforms, guns and bombs from the great war.

Ypres was our next stop, we walked through the Menengate, a huge gate at the Eastside if the city. This monument was built by the British military, in order to remember 55 thousand missing soldiers. Their body was never found so they couldn’t give them a grave, but they engraved their names instead. Out of respect for all the soldiers who died, every day at 20:00, an association of volonteers are, blow the last post on the clarion.

Simon Bertrand


On Monday we started with the project work. The project is about creating a new law that improves the world or community without hurting anyone. This law will be presented in the Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday. The whole group was divided into eight different parties. The groups were mixed with people from Belgium, Israël and Italy, and we were not in a party with our exchange partner. Every party alos had a chairman: the teacher leads the conversation in the group. Every group could choose between two subjects. We also had to decide on our group name and two students who would present the law to the other students on Tuesday and who would present the law in the parliament on Wednesday.  In the first and second session of the day we chose which theme we would make a law about: for my group, it was healthy food. After the two sessions, we had lunch in the cafeteria and after the pause, we had one last session for the day and we specified our laws with examples and better arguments. After the conversations about the law, we had some fun activities.

Laura Demey

Treasure hunt

Today, we took a guided tour to in the oldest section of the school. We gathered in ‘de dreef’ and went inside with the whole group. Mr. Strobbe guided us through the ancient buildings of the school and explained the history about the artefacts. First he told us about the garden which used to be at the place where the office is now located. Then we walked through a hall filled with paintings of former principals of the school. The hallway leads to the famous church. We took a look in the Augustinian church and we saw a beautiful piece of art made by the workshop of Rubens. The church was recently renovated and is now being used by the whole school community. The stained glasses and the crypt of the Augustinians were also very interesting. Then we also saw the treasure room of the school which is full of precious gifts. After we had gone upstairs, we looked into the Old library of the school which contains books of more than one hundred years old. The students of Milan and Tel Aviv were impressed by all the art of the school and went to the speeddate with a smile .

Kobe Calis 5LWIB1

Tel Aviv in Roeselare

The big day! The people of Tel Aviv have finally arrived in Belgium. The boys and the girls had a long flight, but yet they were very enthusiastic. It was a moment everyone was looking forward to! First, they were on the plane for 5 hours and then they came from Zaventem to Roeselare by bus. They got off the bus and everyone started greeting each other. We talked for a while. We told each other how the flight went, how happy we were that we finally met our exchange student etc.! It was late, because our guests arrived at 23u00 in the evening. We decided to go home immediately! At home, I quickly gave a tour of the house and told my guest about the rest of the week. After a small talk, we went to bed. We need to be at school at 8:10 am tomorrow morning, so that means getting up early! We wished each other good night and we dreamt about the great activities and moments we will experience during the rest of the week!

Mien Vanhecke, 5EMT

A lazy Sunday afternoon

Once the partners had met at the train station, most of the families went home and decided to have a calm afternoon at home. Others went  to the seaside to show the Italian youngsters our beautiful coastline. We all made them feel as comfortable as possible.

I introduced my guest to the other members of the family and showed him around our home.  Our family had a delicious barbecue at home. We also enjoyed the very beautiful weather. In the first couple of hours, we exchanged some ideas about home, family, school, language, sports,…  As can be expected the beginning was not easy, but as time went by, the conversations were running a lot smoother.

By 4PM in the afternoon we agreed to meet in the town center with some of the members of the Milano Team.  We had a good interaction with all the members and as most of them were guys the major topic was football 😊.  So we can say that during that meeting together with our guests we started to relax and we got to know each other a bit better. After some time we all went back home and enjoyed some spare time inside the families. After half a day of traveling and getting to know all kind of new people, our visitors will have a well-deserved night rest.

Liam Croubels

Welcome Milan

Our friends from Italy have just arrived in the railway station of Roeselare. They were met with our pupils who are looking forward to a fantastic exchange week!

Today at quarter past one the Italians arrived at the train station in Roeselare. After a long journey they were finally able to meet their partners. This is a short recap of the trip. They woke up this morning around five o’clock (for some pupils too early) and arrived at the Milan airport at half past sixAfter the boring check-in and safety checks they arrived at the gate. Once in the airplane and all seated some got some sleep and others were full of excitement.
They arrived in Brussels around ten o’clock and took the train in the direction of Roeselare. On the train they already socialized with 2 girls from Roeselare who had been awaitintg the Italians at the airport. All participants from Belgium were waiting impatiently to meet their exchange partner and of course all the other Italians at the train station. When the students from Italy arrived in Roeselare, they took a picture with the platform sign of Roeselare. Afterwards they walked down the stairs to meet their partners. The encounter was very special but also a bit uncomfortable at the same time. Everybody greeted each other and went home with a new family member (only for this one week of course). 
Mvg Matteo Stockx, 5WWIA2