Eductional Exchanges - Klein Seminarie Roeselare
Eductional Exchanges - Klein Seminarie Roeselare

Welcome Milan

Our friends from Italy have just arrived in the railway station of Roeselare. They were met with our pupils who are looking forward to a fantastic exchange week!

Today at quarter past one the Italians arrived at the train station in Roeselare. After a long journey they were finally able to meet their partners. This is a short recap of the trip. They woke up this morning around five o’clock (for some pupils too early) and arrived at the Milan airport at half past sixAfter the boring check-in and safety checks they arrived at the gate. Once in the airplane and all seated some got some sleep and others were full of excitement.
They arrived in Brussels around ten o’clock and took the train in the direction of Roeselare. On the train they already socialized with 2 girls from Roeselare who had been awaitintg the Italians at the airport. All participants from Belgium were waiting impatiently to meet their exchange partner and of course all the other Italians at the train station. When the students from Italy arrived in Roeselare, they took a picture with the platform sign of Roeselare. Afterwards they walked down the stairs to meet their partners. The encounter was very special but also a bit uncomfortable at the same time. Everybody greeted each other and went home with a new family member (only for this one week of course). 
Mvg Matteo Stockx, 5WWIA2

Filip Vandevelde

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