Eductional Exchanges - Klein Seminarie Roeselare
Eductional Exchanges - Klein Seminarie Roeselare

School life in Tichon Hadash

School life in Israël is very different compared to ours. The students have more freedom, they don’t have study and can leave the school at lunch time. Every month they can choose a new song as bell signal, this month they chose the famous song ‘Roxanne’. The relationship between the teachers and the students is also very different. They call their teachers by their first name and have a lot of phone calls with their teachers. The school looks a bit old and less beautiful than ours but it is very practical. A completely new school building is being built next to the other building. During every break time the students have football matches and I have to say they play quite aggresively, or put differently, with a great competitive spirit. We wanted to play but we did not get the permission to play football, so we watched the games instead.

Tine Olivier

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